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You couldn't miss it during the summer of 2018, LingeriePRO launched a very striking campaign where everything revolves around the love for lingerie (& more).


It was and is clear that as a team we not only know the sector through and through, but also that our love for lingerie is and remains great.



Isn't lingerie our 'addiction' and for some even the ideal medicine?


You radiate Lingerie Energy further with the different 

quotes, so let your confidence shine!



Summer, sea, water, easy living, lightness, the sun on your skin, bare feet, sand between your toes...


Relax, enjoy, be inspired and seduced to turn your store into the best offer because 'Life is better in a Bikini'.


You can no longer ignore it: every entrepreneur, every company that takes its business seriously, is currently working on sustainability.Of course out of a justified concern for People and Planet,but also with a view to Profit, the classic 'Triple P'.


'Sustainability will be the next major battlefield where brands will compete for millennials'. And additional motivational thinkers can be downloaded as a social media post or poster format.

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